Official Website of Cathy Reed & Chris Reed


indeximageCathy and Chris Reed formed their partnership in the spring of 2001 with coaches Andrew Stroukoff and Susan Kelley, a former US ice dance team who competed at the 1976 Insbruck Olympic Winter Games. Their first competition together was the 2001 Lake Placid Ice Dance Championships, in Pre-Juvenile and Juvenile. Their partnership at the beginning was pretty much just for fun since Cathy was way taller than Chris at the time! However, they continued on to compete at the 2001 North Atlantic Regional Championships and at their first US Junior National Championships finishing tenth.

By their second year in Novice, Cathy and Chris again missed the cut to the US National Championships. However, a wonderful opportunity opened up for the team. They had a chance to train with elite senior level teams coached by Nikolai Morozov and Shae-Lynn Bourne. So Cathy and Chris switched coaches and eagerly took this opportunity. This decision paid off in the end because Cathy and Chris not only made it to their first US National Championships in 2005/2006, but they won the Novice Ice Dance title.

After becoming the US Novice Ice Dance Champions, Cathy and Chris got an opportunity to compete for Japan at the senior level, so they went for it! This opportunity proved also to be successful as they are now the Japanese Ice Dance Gold Medalists and World Competitors.

Cathy and Chris’ main goal is to give captivating, eye-catching and memorable performances. They are performers translating movements and maneuvers into emotion and feelings; making the music come alive. They are extremely passionate about ice dancing and want to pursue their career as far as it will take them, to many more international events, World Championships and the Olympics representing Japan.